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The Checklist of a Professional Roofer

Do you carry proper insurance? Does your state require licensing? Do you belong to a roofing association? Here you will find these items and more to compose the checklist of a professional roofer.

The Range of Professional Roofers is Wide

It’s not hard to look at a group of roofers and pick out the professionals among them. On one end of the spectrum, you have people representing themselves as one who could fix a clients roof correctly – when they may have no intention to do so. On the other end, you have  the most professional roofer. He adds quality that makes a house. a home.

Are YOU a professional roofer?

If "YES" is your answer to the following items, then you are on the right track to becoming a professional

1. Does your state require licensing? If so – are you licensed?

2. Do you pull the correct local permits for every job?

3. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau for your state?

4. Do you know that you have no unresolved customer complaints on record?

5. Do you carry proper liability and workers’ compensation insurance?

6. Are you willing to give past clients as references?

7. Once you have been selected to do a roofing job – do you have a signed contract?

8. Do you belong to a roofing association?

9. Can you offer your customer certification in building to create a safer home?

How do you view "professionalism" now? This list gives you insight on the expectations of a professional roofer, and how you can better line up with them.

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