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How to Gain Advantage Over Other Roofing Competitors

If you are serious about your roofing business, it should be a priority that clients choose you over other competitors in the industry. Here, you will find three keys to help you achieve that goal.

What potential clients are looking for:

Credibility. This makes it easy and sensible for clients to choose you. Nobody wants to make the wrong decision when it comes to choosing a roofer for their home or business. Yet, this happens time and time again, contributing to the growing skepticism that comes with home and business owners choosing a service provider. Here are three simple steps on how to eliminate that skepticism.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Join your local chamber

Joining your local chamber is a great way to show your community pride. Doing so will bring you closer to the community you serve, which increases your accountability and pride in your work. When locals know you care about your reputation, they will recognize your dedication to your work and will be more likely to trust your business.

2. Join a roofing association

Making connections with other roofers will help you gain ideas on how you can better improve your strategies and business practices. Another benefit is that joining an association with other roofers will provide you with a seal to add to your marketing material, website, and logos. This is a huge plus with homeowners and it can visibly elevate your brand above that of competitors.

3. Obtain advanced certification

There is a huge difference in how a certified roofer is looked at compared to that of an uncertified roofer. Advanced certification allows you to establish yourself as a leader and tells clients and competitors alike that you take your work seriously. Below are three certifications we recommend for roofing contractors.

- HAAG Certification

- Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

- FORTIFIED Wise Roofer

- GAF Factory-Certified Contractor

Investment or Expense? We're here to answer

Stay focused on the reality that your clients need your credentials and skills to be apparent, as they are always focused on cost. Guide them in seeing their roof project less as an expense, and more as an investment. Show them that skill and credibility beat cost any day. Being able to explain the difference between the two will help you retain existing clients, and gain new ones.

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