Building Xactimate estimates isn’t what separates Aftermath from other providers – it’s our process. Each estimate is reviewed by three key professionals throughout the development process in order to ensure only the best quality. While nobody can ensure perfection we certainly strive toward it! You can rest assured we will adequately take the pressure of crafting a great estimate off your shoulders.


Building great estimates and having a strong process are among our greatest talents but they are not the only things you should look for in a provider. One of the greatest reasons reported by our customers for why they love working with us is our dedication to honesty and professionalism.

  • Dedicated Success Manager

  • Best Xactimate Estimates

  • 72 Hour Turn-around 

"These guys are great to work with. Their estimates, process, and results are exceptional but their integrity and professionalism, is the real reason we give them all of our business."



Our customers boast of how focused we are on their bottom-line through the deployment of our tier-based fee structure. No more offset invoices or diminished returns. You will always know how much money your estimate will cost.




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